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What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a revolutionary next-gen gaming metaverse that redefines the gaming experience by combining traditional core game mechanics with the power of blockchain technology. This unique approach enables players to not just play but also create and engage in a shared learning experience with a global player community.


What is the story?

The game is based in the year 2620, where three major factions have emerged; 1. The MUD Territory governed by humankind, 2. The ONI Region as a consortium of alien races, and 3. Sentient androids control the Ustur Sector. These factions are in an ongoing struggle for resources, territorial conquest, and political domination.


What is the mission?

In the vast universe of Star Atlas, you have the opportunity to explore this hybrid space genre, choose a career path and dive into activities such as resource mining, trading, deep space exploration, and be part of epic space battles. Whether you aspire to be a skilled combat pilot or engage with guilds, Star Atlas offers an expansive metaverse for all.

About Galia Art Station

From Virtual to Reality

At Galia Art Station, we're all about bringing the wonders of Star Atlas into your hands. We specialize in remodeling and 3D printing spaceships from this amazing metaverse, making the vastness of space feel closer than ever. Our small team, with a solid background in engineering, is dedicated to carefully crafting each model, capturing the essence of the cosmos.

We're passionate about making your favorite Star Atlas assets accessible. While our service initially caters to hardcore fans, we're confident that, over time, our products will charm a wider audience. At GAS, we're not just making models; we're building connections to the stars of the Galia Expanse, replica by replica.

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The models from the game

have been reconstructed for 3D printing

We completely redesign the original game models to create versions suitable for 3D printing. This process is very demanding: it starts with collecting all available material, concept design images and photos from Showroom of every spaceship and structure and after some reverse engineering and black magic, we transform them to meet the high standards of 3D printing technology. Our aim is to ensure that our models retain every intricate detail and unique aspect of the original game's visuals. These 3D printed models are more than just accurate replicas; they are a bridge between the virtual world of Star Atlas and physical reality. They offer fans a new way to connect with their favorite game, whether as a collector's item or for tabletop gaming. By bringing these 3D printed models to life, we bring the universe of Star Atlas into tangible reality.


Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure each replica is a true work of art, starting with the reconstruction of 3D models.

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