The value behind the price tag

At first glance our prices might seem high, so let’s see what’s behind it. During the reconstruction of each 3D model, we are using the available concept art images and detailed screenshots taken directly from the Showroom as visual references. This modeling process is incredibly time-intensive, as we delve into thorough research to capture every detail.

We do not settle for average or good. Our dedication to quality and authenticity, and commitment to replicate these spaceships with the highest level of precision, down to the tiniest detail, ensures they are not just models, but true representations of the Star Atlas metaverse. This level of detail requires advanced modeling, printing and painting techniques and extended time, reflecting in the cost.

Payment options

Currently, you can choose between paying via PayPal or making a direct bank transfer to our Wise account. Please note that Wise will return payments from countries on this list to the sender, which may take 3–10 working days.

  • Africa - Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan
  • Americas - Cuba, Venezuela
  • Asia - Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  • Europe - Belarus, Crimea, Russian Federation, Serbia
  • Middle East - Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen
Production & Delivery time

Our production time varies based on the model and edition you choose—essential, artisan, or masterpiece. It depends on the number of orders in progress. Typically, 3D printing takes 1-2 weeks before it reaches our skilled painter, R33dHunter. Depending on his availability, priming and painting can take an additional 2 weeks.

When it comes to delivery, you have two options: standard (5-7 days) and express (3-5 days), both available worldwide. The cost rates are clearly visible at the checkout.

Shipping & Customs

Rest assured, we take great care in shipping your products. They are securely wrapped, placed in a durable 5-layer cardboard box, and labeled with "FRAGILE" tape. We partner with trusted carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, ensuring your items are insured and handled with utmost care from us to you.

For orders within the EU, there are no customs tariffs. Outside the EU, customs duties apply based on each country's regulations. However, our shipping partners make customs clearance a breeze.

Shopping guide

Step 1 - Fill up your basket
    • Visit the Products section of our webshop and browse through the available items.
    • Select your desired product, choose an edition and extra feature (if available), and specify the quantity.
    • For each product, you can choose to make an initial 50% payment or pay the full amount.
    • Add the selected items to your cart.
Step 2 - Shopping cart
    • Navigating from the menu on the right side, you can either go to your cart or proceed directly to checkout.
    • On the shopping cart page, after specifying your location, the final amount will be displayed.
    • If you have any coupons, enter the code in the dedicated field and click apply.
Step 3 - Checkout
    • Review your order, apply a coupon, complete all billing details, and specify the exact delivery address.
    • You can also sign in using your PayPal account to automatically populate personal information.
    • If you've chosen the "Pay Deposit" option for any of your products, the remaining amount must be paid before shipping.
    • Please note that the delivery cost always has to be paid in full!
Step 4 - Production
    • Depending on the selected editions, the production involves three key steps:
      • 3D Printing: All components are crafted from high-quality resin.
      • Priming: A gray primer is applied to enhance the surface of all components.
      • Painting: The process includes applying a base coat, optional ink wash, dry-brushing, and a final varnish.
    • Throughout the production, customers will receive notifications about the progress, including in-progress images.
Step 5 - Final Payment
    • Before shipping, customers will receive an invoice to complete the final payment.
    • This is only necessary if you've selected the "Pay Deposit" option for any of your products. If you've already paid the full amount at checkout, no additional payment is necessary.
Step 6 - Shipping
    • Once all products are finished and the final payment has been confirmed (if applicable), the package is dispatched to the desired delivery location.

Information about the ships


The replicas will be available from all existing manufacturers.

Our primary focus is to rapidly expand our range of available models. To achieve this, we are prioritizing 3D modeling activities for ships with less complex geometry. Furthermore, we actively listen to the community's feedback regarding the most anticipated ships and adjust our priorities accordingly.

Each ship will also have unique features for complete authenticity, such as: moving elements, LED lighting, unique stand and more. These details add to the overall immersive experience and ensure that each replica captures the essence of the original ship. It is worth noting that we have the capability to print transparent parts, allowing for see-through windshields and screens.

Custom Logo Design

If you choose the Rainbow Arc, you have the option to personalize your ship by adding your guild's name and logo to its design. Share your vision for the final result, and we'll work closely with you to bring it to life. After receiving your input, we'll discuss the specifics and available materials. Once we have all the details, we'll integrate the logo into the 3D model of your ship. From there, the process follows our standard procedure, including 3D printing and any necessary painting or finishing touches.


To ensure simplicity in printing, logistics, and costs, all models are within the size range of 50x25x25cm / 20x10x10in. However, please note that due to the high variety of ships, sizes can vary significantly by model. To achieve this, we have developed a unique scaling system that maintains consistency across the entire range.

This system ensures that ships of the same class maintain the same scale, making side-by-side comparisons feasible. The scale of XXS ships begins at 1:25 and is halved for each subsequent class. Here are all values:

    • XXS - 1:25
    • XS - 1:50
    • Small - 1:100
    • Medium - 1:200
    • Large - 1:400
    • Capital - 1:800
    • Commander - 1:1600
    • Titan - 1:3200

We've learnt the hard way, that designing the paintwork for such high-end replicas is difficult and requires a lot of effort. To speed up the expansion of our portfolio, we will launch the new models in essential (raw) and artisan (primed) and add the fully painted masterpiece edition later.

To cater the customers who prefer to paint the ships themselves, we will deliver the essential and artisan editions in pieces. This allows for greater customization and provides support for those who enjoy the artistic process of assembling and painting their replicas. Typically, the models are constructed from 5 to 20 pieces, varying based on the complexity of their shapes.



The ESSENCE edition embodies the purity of our 3D printed spaceship replicas. Directly from the printer, these models undergo thorough cleaning with the removal of support materials. No extra modifications or painting are applied, making the ESSENCE models perfect for enthusiasts and those with advanced handcraft skills. Explore the raw beauty of the printed form and unleash your creativity to shape these models according to your preferences. Shipped disassembled.


Advancing from the ESSENCE edition, our ARTISAN models undergo additional enhancements for those seeking a more hands-on experience. Beyond the cleaning process, surfaces are corrected and smoothed by hand. Additionally, a gray primer is applied, providing an ideal canvas for the final layer. The ARTISAN edition is designed for individuals eager to test their painting skills or craft a unique skin, offering an opportunity to personalize spaceship replicas and bring artistic visions to life. Shipped disassembled.


Elevate your collection with our fully painted MASTERPIECE spaceship replicas, where artistry meets craftsmanship. Each model is a piece of art, skillfully hand-painted by our accomplished airbrush artist. The design mirrors in-game skins with remarkable precision, capturing intricate details such as wear and tear, scratches, and metallic effects by using different painting techniques like ink wash, dry-brushing…etc. Finally, a thin layer of varnish adds the finishing touch, making the artwork complete and preserved for the future.
No two models are alike, ensuring each piece is unique in its own way. Choose the MASTERPIECE edition for an unparalleled display of creativity and attention to detail, ready to grace your collection with authenticity and style. Shipped assembled and glued.


Puri Token is a Star Atlas Meme Coin to vibe about Puri and for more Puri Memes! Learn more about the project here. By designing and including special skins in our portfolio, GAS aims to support the initiative and contribute to promoting Star Atlas and all related community projects born in Galia.
The concept behind the Puri-fied edition was inspired by the unique Ogrika Ruch skins, which were introduced in February 2024.
It consists of two primary components, the pink coating and the stickers. The vivid color creates a perfect base for the various decals included in the official Puri Media Kit.